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“Cool, Damp Cloth”  published by The Saturday Evening Post.

Who’s Going to Pray for Me Now out now by Big Table Publishing

Forgiven out now by Impspired Publishing in England and endorsed by Donna Fargo.

If Not For You out by Big Table Publishing

Interview with Donna Fargo out in Y’all Magazine, The Southern Voice, and Southern Reader.



Reading the Coffee Grounds and Other Stories was released in August, 2018.

Praise for Reading the Coffee Grounds


“The forty five stories in this collection are set in the Southern U.S. The terrain they cover, however, is universal. Reddick, with an acute eye for detail, depicts childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, old age and death with compassion and wry humor. Family tensions at a grandmother’s funeral, a swimming pool closing rather than admitting non-whites, and the effect of a company merger on employees are just a few of the stories in this accomplished collection that will resonate long after reading them.”

-Sandra Arnold author of A Distraction of Opposites, Tomorrow’s Empire, and Sing No Sad Songs. Her website is: www.sandraarnold.co.nz

“To read Niles Reddick’s work is to travel across literary lines. At times, we laugh; other times, we cry, smile, and bite our nails in anticipation. This is clearly the prose of a fearless master, and we should treasure such a voice.”

-Mathieu Cailler, author of May I Have This Dance?, Loss Angeles, Clotheslines, and others. His website is: http://mathieucailler.com/

“In his collection Niles Reddicks’ brilliance involves unmasking the oddities of the every-day world with a caring eye for detail, and a truckload of love. These stories are funny, sad, and powerfully wise.”

-Meg Pokrass, author of The Dog Looks Happy Upside Down, Cellulose Pajamas, My Very End of the Universe, and others. Her website is: http://megpokrass.com/

“Niles Reddick’s stories are grounded in empathy with everyday people trying to get on in life. There is poignancy here – and humour, a sense of the absurd, and some darkness. A thoroughly enjoyable and impressive collection.”

-Peter Blair and Ashley Chantler, Directors, International Flash Fiction Association: http://www.chester.ac.uk/flash.fiction

“This is a fascinating and unique group of stories. All the time I was reading them I felt more like Niles was telling me these Southern based stories. His ability to encompass the Church, the family dynamic, funerals, and life in general in an area us Northeasterners are not familiar with make the stories even more compelling. A few of my favorites: “Worm Grunting”, a new term and an old way of collecting fishing worms; “The Ministry”, a funny church and funeral story with a problem; “Penalties”, not a Flash story but a wonderful short story involving a serial killer you never would have suspected and told so low key that as it opens up towards the climax the reader can only shake his head in wonder. I keep adding to my favorites and you will too. This book is a much better hostess gift than a bottle of wine—so buy two because you’ll want to keep yours and read it more than once.”

-Paul Beckman, author of Kiss, Kiss, Come! Meet My Family and Other Stories, and Maybe I Ought to Sit Quiet in a Dark Room for a While. His website is: http://paulbeckmanstories.com/

Praise for Drifting too far from the Shore

“Readers will come to love feisty Charlotte “Muddy” Rewis who, despite the bad news in the world, triumphs by making a difference in her own way. Chock full of humor, Drifting Too Far From the Shore is a beautiful story that makes you feel like you have been transported back to small town America.”

– Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump, among others

 “The South been blessed with a writer like Niles Reddick. Drifting Too Far From the Shore marks extraordinary talent. I can’t remember the last time that I have enjoyed a book this much. It’s beautifully written and compelling, with incredible range. Muddy is richly developed, springing right out of the pages.”

– Michael Lee West, author of Crazy Ladies, among others

* Photograph of The Reddick’s store in 1800s Southern Georgia by Steve Robinson; used by permission.